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(Sep 27 2016) -
Ali and Iberahim are determined to spread the good news of Jesus Christ despite the risks. So when they showed the film to approximately 500 people and two accepted Christ, they praised God for softening the hearts of two people surrounded by a religion and culture hostile to the gospel of Jesus. These two new believers are descendants of black Moors—a people group stricken by slavery throughout history. Even though their country abolished slavery decades ago, the laws are not enforced. In the far reaches of their country, slavery still exists. Ali and Iberahim believe these new Christians still serve a master in some way. The village leaders in this village have made continued JESUS showings there difficult, so Ali and Iberahim have offered to take people away from the village to show them JESUS. They also continue to meet with the two new Christians who have found freedom in Christ, teaching them about following Jesus. Ali and Iberahim are not finished with their work. In the face of obstacles, they are not disheartened. They are determined to bring their countrymen to Jesus and invite them to experience the transformational freedom of following Him.
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(Sep 27 2016) -
“Why do you like refugee children like me?” a 10-year-old boy asked the principal of his school. The woman smiled at the young refugee, torn from his home in the face of a war that is tearing apart his country. “I love you because the Lord Jesus, whom I serve, taught me this love, and gave me the strength to love everyone and help them. I lived my childhood during the Lebanese war. I did not find anyone to help me with my fear, sadness and insecurity. That’s why I’m interested in you, so that I can help you with the pain.” “My teacher,” he said, “I want to be like you and learn from Jesus how to love others and care for them.” This boy now attends Sunday school every week with his brothers. He has come face-to- face with Jesus because believers half way around the world have equipped Middle Eastern believers with Jesus Film tools. In refugee camps all over the Middle East, God is drawing war-torn people to the story of Jesus. By seeing JESUS, they discover hope and forgiveness and new life.
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(Oct 31 2012) -
If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, go do that: go to Jesus Film Media on your mobile device. Then check this out and you'll see exactly how to use it and all that it can do!
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